Coming together to enrich the lives of our members and the entire restaurant industry.

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A restaurant is more than a place to eat.

Restaurants are cornerstones of communities, one of the country’s largest employers, and we’re proud that our platform directly and indirectly impacts the lives of more than one million people. At Restaurant365, our community of customers, partners, and employees are committed to helping the industry make positive change through philanthropy, education, and insights from the thousands of businesses we support.

Explore how we make a difference


Restaurants give everything to their guests. We asked ourselves, "How can we give back?" We partner with Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) to supports restaurant employees and their families as they face life's challenges.


Through our R365 Academy, certification programs, educational programs, events, and internships, we equip current and aspiring leaders with the knowledge and experience to innovate and succeed in all aspects of the restaurant business and life.


We work to understand in detail what's happening at the 40,000 locations we support. Insight include cost and sales trends, labor, and investment. Our data is an industry benchmark, sharing the industry's impact and the wider landscape.

Community impact by the numbers

0.3 Million
Number of times a restaurant operator has run a P&L YTD in R365


Average time savings provided to restaurant operators every week
53 %

Percentage of employees who say R365 is a great place to work